Want to make more money in an afternoon than you could in two weeks under a low-wage job?  Want to grow your high-worth contact list?  Get the chance to partner with some of the nation’s most innovative brands, political personalities and innovators, while offering them valuable resources?

Creative Rhetoric is an advertising firm that creates influence through a combination of high-caliber graphics design and strong storytelling.  Our emphasis is on web-based motion graphics video, slide presentations, and print/web campaigns.  The company is run by Dominic Iocco, Justin Wilga and Matt Salisbury.  We’re looking for talented, motivated account reps to bring our service to the worlds of business, politics, and social activism.

Reps earn 15% bonus on the first job they bring in, plus an added 10% for the first job from each new client.  We just completed a $3,800 job – if you’d brought it to us, your cut would have been $950!

Fundraising and high-value networking are among the most valuable skills in entertainment producing and the business world.

Submit resumes with a cover letter outlining your approach to marketing an innovative design firm like Creative Rhetoric.  Top applicants will be interviewed in person.

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