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Ultimate Frisbee

May 13, 2010

Are you ready for some serious fun?

Ultimate Frisbee at the park next to the apartments.

When: Thursday, May 13th

Time: Meet in Circle at 4pm.


Pro-life Club – Abortion Clinic Prayer group

April 30, 2010

When: Every Saturday at 9am

Time: 9-10:30 pm.

Rides: Meet in the Circle at the Apartment at 9am.

Contact: Timmerie if you have questions

All School 80’s dance

April 28, 2010

Where: Soundstage at JP Catholic

When: Saturday, May 1,  2010

Time: 7pm

What to wear: Google image search.

Light refreshment, fun music, and a night of energy! Come one, come all!

Reflections of the Inaugural Class

December 10, 2009

This fall is a special quarter for JP Catholic. The first senior class will make history by graduating on December 12th from the first Catholic University built in Southern California in the last 38 years. The seniors have played a pivotal role in JP Catholic’s growth these last three years. Their example in embracing JP Catholic’s mission to Impact Culture for Christ has set the tone and culture of the school for all subsequent classes.

For many of the seniors, coming to JP Catholic in the fall of 2006 was a leap of faith. Steve Marshall, a graduating senior and class Valedictorian, was so taken by the mission of the school and its unique programs that he jumped into the inaugural class a month before the start of school. “I was one of the students who attended sight unseen,” Steve said. “It was a whirlwind! I thought it would be a miracle if I actually made it. It was one month between learning about it, leaving my native Missouri, and touching down in San Diego, a place I had never been before.” Most of Steve’s classmates had visited campus, but were undaunted by its newness. Graduating senior Chris Lane from Temecula, California reflected on his decision to come, “I always saw coming to a new school as kind of cool. What better way to get an entrepreneurial education than to be at a school that is entrepreneurial itself!”

JP Catholic’s unique mission to Impact Culture for Christ through the intersection of entrepreneurial business, media, and technology was the primary motivating factor for the seniors. “I was really interested in broadening my horizons especially regarding Entertainment Media first of all,” says student graduation speaker Matthew Salisbury, “and second of all getting an education that was really authentically Catholic.” Matt has taken the Mission seriously, becoming the show runner for a new JP Catholic web series, a scripted reality show that focuses on three women facing crisis pregnancies to be launched on January 22nd on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Matt has found the practical skills and faith formation he needed to deliver on his dream of bringing mainstream audiences closer to truth through compelling entertainment. He will graduate with several completed screenplays, extensive show running experience, and even a graphic novel under his belt. “It’s been really great,” Matt reflects, “to see us growing from an entirely new school to executing a 16 episode web series in a brand new sound stage.”

On the business side, the opportunity to Impact Culture through entrepreneurship was what drew talented students like Justin Wilga. “The business curriculum,” Justin says, “has really enabled us to build a company of our dreams and to make a positive impact in culture. It’s been awesome to be exposed to every critical aspect of launching a business, and have the confidence that we can do it.” Justin’s business, Creative Rhetoric, is a design and marketing company that focuses on helping businesses and non-profits tell their story more effectively. They have earned $3,000 this past quarter, and have $70,000 of work in the pipeline for after graduation. Justin’s confidence is not unwarranted. He has had real experience of knowing what it takes to gain and keep clients under the experienced mentorship of the faculty at JP Catholic.

One of the things that has most impressed the class of 2009 is how the school has grown over the course of 3 ½ years. “The school has grown by leaps and bounds,” says Steve Marshall. “Tim [Evans] and I made the first film ever here at JP Catholic in the first quarter of 2006, and that was before we had cameras! Now it’s nice to see fifteen sets of HD cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and a brand new sound stage downstairs. It was mind blowing how quickly we got all of that.” Mollie O’Hare, winner of the Impacting Culture Award, noticed how the school is growing not only academically, but also spiritually, “I think it’s really grown in its spirit through the last three and a half years. Our Scripture and liberal arts classes have really made a difference; we’ve really matured as people to the point which we can actually put JP Catholic’s mission into action.”

On December 12th, the new graduates will go out into the world to make an impact. When they do that, they’ll take along friendships that will last a lifetime. “Getting to know the people at the school has just been so great.” Mollie O’Hare states, “There are so many talented, creative minds. I’m just honored to be part of it all, and I’m just privileged that I was able to get to know these people for the time I’ve been here, so thank God for that.”

Student Profiles: Timmerie Millington

October 26, 2009

Name: Timmerie MillingtonTimmerie Millington

Age: 17

Year: Freshman

From: Lake Arrowhead, California

Major: Entertainment Media

What’s your favorite class? Poetics and Grammer with Professor Riley because I really enjoy writing. The class gives me a whole new perspective on how speak to my audience in a much more clear and concise way.  Right now we are reading, “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis.

Do you have any hobbies? I absolutely love to dance! I’ve been dancing for about 16 years and enjoy many different kinds of dance –ballet, tap, dance , hip hop, modern, ballroom, and west coast swing. I’m actually going to be starting a hip hop club for any of the students who are interested.

Do you participate in any Student Life? Definitely! I began a pro-life club for students who really want to take action weekly and participate in local pro-life events such as praying at abortion clinics and participating in the  March for life in San Fransisco.

What is your favorite thing about JP Catholic? The spiritual life! I really enjoy being around other people who have a great passion to be closer to God, whether that may be through daily Mass, Adoration, or  praying the Rosary together. We all hold each other accountable and push each other forward in developing a stronger spiritual life. Also, I love the hands on aspect of the school.  Right now, I’m on the marketing team for a webisode series and have been learning all the ways you can utilize Twitter for your business. I also have been involved on quite a few student film projects.

Plans after graduation? Well, I’m still bouncing around some ideas…I may potentially stay here an extra year to do the Masters in Theology Program. One thing I do know for sure, when I graduate I want to do pro-life work by promoting the culture of life through the media.

Surf, Sand, and S’mores!

August 11, 2009

So, JP Catholic Student Government kicked off the summer quarter with a fabulous and fun all student Lua at the lovely La Jolla Shores! Students hit the warm waves with boogey and surf boards while others went at it in an competitive sand castle contest… Being the artistic school that we are, a few Michaelangelos of the group created a full sized sand creation of  the crocodile from Peter Pan…

Other highlights of the evening was an intense game of beach volleyball, frisbee (with some pretty epic dives into the sand), and a delicious feast of hot dogs and hamburgers roasted over the bonfire pit.

After a scintillating sunset and some sticky s’mores loaded with Hershey’s (Mmmm!), everyone gathered close to the ocean near the ebbing water to pray the Rosary. The stars dazzled over us as we concluded a fantastic evening at the beach. San Diego is such a gem!

Summer break!

June 16, 2009

Bags are packed, gas tanks are filled, and flights are taking off to all parts of the country as JP Catholic students break from classes for a relaxing summer vacation to spend with family and friends!

For those of us sticking around sunny San Diego, Professor Dunn has recruited a handful of students to produce a project for — who is hosting a 25 sec commercial competition for this upcoming Superbowl. Grand prize: $100,000! If all comes together with our talented team and God’s grace, we just may have a shot at juicing up our media supply with new filming equipment.

Will definitely keep you updated on how our project comes together…

Godspeed to all our students as they hit the sand, swim, read, refresh, BBQ, and chillax…Time will surely fly too fast and before we know it July 5th will be here and classes will begin again. But, enough about school, let the summer festivities begin!