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Pro-life Club – Abortion Clinic Prayer group

April 30, 2010

When: Every Saturday at 9am

Time: 9-10:30 pm.

Rides: Meet in the Circle at the Apartment at 9am.

Contact: Timmerie if you have questions


Student Profiles: Peter Steinman

November 17, 2009

Name: Peter Steinman

Age: 20

Year: Sophomore

From: Huntington  Beach, California

Major: Entrepreneurial Business

What’s your favorite class? Definitely, Professors Jackson’s Project Execution. It helps me to realize how much planning and work goes into a single event. I’m working with another business student to put on the Senior Student Appreciation Dinner — which is going on, tomorrow, wow, that’s so soon! I never realized how much stuff can go wrong — I tend to be a guy who likes to plan things out, but have never gone the whole ten yards. This class has helped me to carry everything out in its entirety.

Do you have any hobbies? Going camping on a regular basis and sailing! It’s so great to live in San Diego… within 15 minutes you can be in downtown SD, at a number of fantastic beaches, Legoland, Seaworld, and a bunch of other cool stuff.  On the weekends, sometimes I’ll head out with a group of students to Cardiff Beach to go surfing.

Do you participate in any Student Life? I’m the Chaplin in Student Government, something which I enjoy immensely. I’m also involved in a number of clubs at the school such as the,  The Anime Club and the Business Club. In the Business club we watch “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den”, two commercialized business pitching shows.  Afterward, we always have some great discussions about the young entrepreneurs on the show by trying to figure out both the flaws and positives of their business plan. It’s a really great learning tool for our future jobs.

What is your favorite thing about JP Catholic? The location! Also,  it’s really easy for me to go home since I’m only an hour away.  Another thing great about JP Catholic is the community life. I love being at a small school because of the close friendships and dynamic fellowship which we all share. Lastly, it’s awesome being able to attend mass every day and having the adoration chapel within a few feet from my classroom.

Plans after graduation?
As far as after I graduate,  basically two rough idea have been playing around in my head. The two I’m spearheading currently is a nightclub or a record company. “House” is the name of the night club I’ve been working on. The name is due to the fact that I want to give college students the experience to go to a house party without having to compromise their safety or morals. I love parties, but the party is no longer fun when things get out of hand.

Student Profiles: Timmerie Millington

October 26, 2009

Name: Timmerie MillingtonTimmerie Millington

Age: 17

Year: Freshman

From: Lake Arrowhead, California

Major: Entertainment Media

What’s your favorite class? Poetics and Grammer with Professor Riley because I really enjoy writing. The class gives me a whole new perspective on how speak to my audience in a much more clear and concise way.  Right now we are reading, “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis.

Do you have any hobbies? I absolutely love to dance! I’ve been dancing for about 16 years and enjoy many different kinds of dance –ballet, tap, dance , hip hop, modern, ballroom, and west coast swing. I’m actually going to be starting a hip hop club for any of the students who are interested.

Do you participate in any Student Life? Definitely! I began a pro-life club for students who really want to take action weekly and participate in local pro-life events such as praying at abortion clinics and participating in the  March for life in San Fransisco.

What is your favorite thing about JP Catholic? The spiritual life! I really enjoy being around other people who have a great passion to be closer to God, whether that may be through daily Mass, Adoration, or  praying the Rosary together. We all hold each other accountable and push each other forward in developing a stronger spiritual life. Also, I love the hands on aspect of the school.  Right now, I’m on the marketing team for a webisode series and have been learning all the ways you can utilize Twitter for your business. I also have been involved on quite a few student film projects.

Plans after graduation? Well, I’m still bouncing around some ideas…I may potentially stay here an extra year to do the Masters in Theology Program. One thing I do know for sure, when I graduate I want to do pro-life work by promoting the culture of life through the media.

Surf, Sand, and S’mores!

August 11, 2009

So, JP Catholic Student Government kicked off the summer quarter with a fabulous and fun all student Lua at the lovely La Jolla Shores! Students hit the warm waves with boogey and surf boards while others went at it in an competitive sand castle contest… Being the artistic school that we are, a few Michaelangelos of the group created a full sized sand creation of  the crocodile from Peter Pan…

Other highlights of the evening was an intense game of beach volleyball, frisbee (with some pretty epic dives into the sand), and a delicious feast of hot dogs and hamburgers roasted over the bonfire pit.

After a scintillating sunset and some sticky s’mores loaded with Hershey’s (Mmmm!), everyone gathered close to the ocean near the ebbing water to pray the Rosary. The stars dazzled over us as we concluded a fantastic evening at the beach. San Diego is such a gem!

Liturgy Reflection

July 19, 2009

Check out Professor Barber’s video reflection on the July 19th Mass readings!

A New Era of Journalism..

July 13, 2009

It's Time for a New Journalism

It's Time for a New Journalism

It’s interesting how two very recognizable people can meet death in the same week. Take Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, for example, both were very influential people, and yet Mother Teresa’s story took the back seat in the mainstream news channels. A courageous and self-giving women, Mother Teresa certainly broke the glass ceiling, though she was no princess, rock star, politician, or fashion icon, and she definitely didn’t invent the moonwalk. She continues, however, to have enduring influence and live on in the hearts of millions of people, Christians and non-Christians alike, and her plethora of quotes will always remain popular and inspiring year after year.

How did she manage this phenomena? How did this tiny, weathered, Albanian women win the Noble Peace Prize and the respect and hearts of world diplomats, American presidents, Popes, Kings, Queens, and many other heads of state? No books about her fashionable clothes lie on Barnes and Nobles book shelves and no shocking news articles about her lovers and scandals grab eyes in the grocery line. Clearly, Mother Teresa is not a “money-making” product that can be milked by the news. Some may call Princess Diana classic and always fresh, or Michael Jackson a “King of Pop,” and Obama the “change” we need.

Her words delivered hope for those undergoing trial and despair; her daily example of caring for the dying were fraught with transcendent truths. She was a women of integrity, a women of courage, and a women fighting for human rights. She had neither long legs, diamonds, or Louis Vuitton purses, but her life, wisdom, and service will continue through history and serve as an example to millions. A news channel which could communicate the classic life of Mother Teresa and the change she brought to humanity would have truly been a remarkable channel. Isn’t it time that Americans started taking charge of the stories they want to hear and tell? Last week, 60% of the news channels covered Michael Jackson’s death and revered him as a king and idol — a child molester!? Yes, he was talented, but that is no reason to cover up his perverted lifestyle. In fact, when Jackson died, the major news stations practically forgot about the nuclear missiles in Korea, unrest in Iran, and the outlandish Cap and Trade policy introduced by Obama. We are being manipulated like puppets by a few in the mainstream news, and it’s time that we shed our strings and stop putting up with what they have deemed as “important” and “newsworthy.”

Well, good news! John Paul the Great Catholic University is starting an Video Journalism program this fall. The time has come for the truly amazing stories to be told, like Mother Teresa’s. Journalism and news has radically changed with the internet, and John Paul the Great Catholic University is at the cutting-edge, telling stories that will impact the culture for Christ through new media. If you feel compelled to launch into the news industry, journalism, or the political arena then consider this new and exciting program beginning this October!

JP Catholic students take on Bill Maher in Religulous

June 4, 2009

In the Media Center at the student apartments this past week, a large group of us JP Catholic Students watched the Bill Maher movie, Religulous. Religulous is a documentary film that attempts to show the negative impact religion has on culture.

Well, of course, us pro-active JP Catholic students taking Professor Barber’s theology classes quickly turned all of Bill’s weak arguments against religion into a fruitful and lively discussion about morals, secular humanity, relativism, and whether God is a jealous God (as Bill Maher portrayed God).

Initially, upon finishing the movie, several students thought that perhaps Bill was really on a search to seek out truth and embarked on this Indie documentary for his own personal quest for religious knowledge. However, by analyzing the film’s clever editing techniques and choice of interviewees, we realized that Bill Maher had already formed a wall between himself and God.  He wasn’t open to learning truth, but had already form his conclusion: religion and the Bible is all a fairytale.

It’s clear that the biggest flaw in Bill Maher’s arguments is rooted in Descartes’ Methodical Doubt. In the finale of his film Bill Maher said, “The only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion, but doubt.” Funny, that while Bill Maher believes we cannot be certain about anything, and yet, at the same time he is absolutely certain about one key idea: we must be doubtful about everything. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

When it came to interviewing the experts on religion, did Bill Maher head straight to Scott Hann or JP Catholic’s professor Michael Barber for hard solid, theologically based facts? Of course not, he shied away the the real experts on religion and decided to interview people such as an ex-priest and a new age drug-addict. Fair arguments for against religion? JP Catholic students think not.

For more info into a more legitimate take on the issue of religion, check JP Catholic’s Theology Professor Michael Barber’s blog.  If nothing else, Religulous empowered us JP Catholic students to make our own Religion documentary soon, and answer Bill Maher’s questions with theologically-based answers he can never refute.