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A Timeout with the Lord

February 28, 2009

adorat1Recently this week, JP Catholic held another On Mission event. This event again consists of Adoration, Benediction, and Confession along with a guest speaker. These events really sustain the students. I guess this really keeps them “On Mission.” The students are working through a grueling Winter Quarter and the last thing you want to do is skip homework  (we have a lot… the school sort of takes pride in being academically challenging). We are at JP Catholic to Impact Culture for Christ.  This is our mission and everyone knows it. It’s great to have an event that brings our mission back to the forefront of our minds. The mission is the reason why we do our homework to the best of our ability.   It’s why we get up to go to class on Friday morning.  It’s why we do anything that we don’t want to do.

On Mission reminds us that Jesus Christ is Risen and He is King and He Loves us. You think of the million of things you have to do, but you go to the event anyway. I was not looking forward to this On Mission event because I had an insane amount of homework due. But I took a timeout and and spent 2 hours with the Lord in confession, Adoration, and Benediction. I love how He sustains us through the quarter’s challenges no  matter how daunting they seem. I often get frustrated that I even dwell on the thought of not spending time with the Lord, thinking that I need to use my time more efficiently.  Adoration always, no matter my state of mind, brings such renewal . I can’t fathom how I  rationalize skipping it every now and then. The Lord is always there and yet I think he won’t be. I love how we have the Sacraments so available at JP Catholic to help us get through a tough academic quarter (I say tough because Impacting the Culture for Christ is not exactly easy work).


On-Mission Event

February 9, 2009

At JP Catholic we have an event called On Mission.   A guest speaker from the community is brought in to speak on how they live their Catholic faith in their workplace and followed by confession and Eucharistic Adoration.

Recently at JP Catholic, Jim Holman, founder and editor of The San Diego Reader and a pro-life supporter, recently spoke to the students about the recent election cycle and Proposition 4 in California. Proposition 4 is a law that would require minors to get parental consent for an abortion. Currently in California, a teen can get an abortion without their parents or family members ever knowing. Jim Holman was the single largest proponent of this bill and it barely lost this past November. He spoke frankly on why he is involved and cares so deeply about stopping abortion. He made an interesting comparison that rocked my world. He was comparing the Holocaust in Germany to current Culture of Death in America. Now, I have heard of this analogy before, but it never sank in. He was saying how most people know about the persecution of Jews, but didn’t do anything about it. I remember watching World War II movies and how they would show American soldiers discovering concentration camps. They would go into town and ask the people about it and they would plead ignorance. I would say if I lived in Nazi Germany, I would stand up and do something. But, how can I make such a claim when I do not do enough to stand up for innocent life in America? I am no different than most people living in Nazi Germany if I do not stand up vocally for the life of the unborn.