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Web 2.0…a digital world just waiting to be explored!

July 21, 2009

Well, summer quarter is in full gear and the sophomore students are in on some exciting new classes at JP Catholic. One of them being, Web 2.0, taught by Professor Dominic Iocco.  This is a course unlike any other — we are learning the nuts and bolts of Web 2.0 and how its effecting everything from political campaigns to start-up companies. Throughout the course, we will be developing a new and compelling website for While they have interesting articles, the Catholic website definitely needs a face lift so they can invite in not only older, committed Catholics, but the younger generation and even atheists who are questioning the Faith. Today, first impressions are absolutely pivotal when trying to engage viewers for more than a couple minutes. How does this engagement come about? Surfing the web can be compared to a romance…first, you’ll date different websites and see if there is a connection, an appealing vibe. What draws you in? As you observe the color scheme, pictures, content and even the font, you’ll either continue to come back and “date” the website until you are committed to it and become fully engaged, or break off the relationship after one short “date” that leaves you bored, puzzled, or disinterested.  Unfortunately, there are many websites out today who totally disregard the first impression and never experience a full courtship by a viewer. However, JP Catholic students are learning the groundwork in web 2.0 and are well on their way to developing a dynamic and engaging website  for Talk about hands on…we have full reign on creating a website that will truly have an Impact on the Culture for Christ!


New University Overview Video

June 6, 2009

Watch JP Catholic’s new University overview video! Check out our mission to impact culture for Christ through launching 21st century businesses, particularly in the emerging media market space.

The Intersection of Faith and Business

March 10, 2009

Take a look at this video about JP Catholic’s belief in the crucial role of businesses in building up a Culture of Life and supporting the dignity of the family and the individual worker.  The video was created by Hot Button Productions, a JP Catholic student start-up company that is currently being formed in our Business Launch Pad.

This Quarter’s Focus: Action

February 4, 2009

So we finally are entering the final stretch of the Business LaunchPad. We the graduate this December and we have 11 months to get ready. The students are ready. They have the process down. Professor Iocco shifted gears with the class. We now only meet one and one and our homework is to meet the individual needs of each group’s business. Some kids will have to read a book, another will have to do market research, and some will have to start making films. The big word of the quarter is action. We have the presentations down. We just are working on the actual ideas and making them a reality. It is a very exciting time and you can feel the urgency in the air.

Passion to Succeed

February 4, 2009

Last week it seemed that every professor was lecturing about passion in some way or another. It apparently woke up a lot of students and forced them take a hard long at their ideas and business models. I would say half the class changed their idea this week. But this is welcomed and encouraged. Our professors have come across a multitude of people throughout the course of their careers who have novel business ideas that they later find are unsustainable, which leads them to abandon not only the idea but also their life as an entrepreneur. The LaunchPad process is the antidote to that problem. It forces students to think of a new idea and pursue it. Students will hopefully go through numerous ideas at JP Catholic. The idea is to get one to stick really well.

This past week, people were going through the fleshing out process much faster than anytime previously. Students were able to go through ideas and make them more concrete within the LaunchPad. The ideas were presented and new directions were given. Although so people are starting over, it’s not really a big deal, as they are more passionate about it, which leads them to plow through the details much faster than before.

The ideas were getting more interesting and more exciting. You can really see the pulse of the LaunchPad growing. People are getting more excited, more intense, and most importantly more passionate.

Perfecting the Business Pitch

February 4, 2009

In our second Launchpad class of the quarter, we had homework from the first week. It was to make our 30-pitches better with the feedback and deliver them better through practice. We all got up and pitched our new ones. We tweaked them again based on feedback from students and professors again. I pitched our most recent one and from the feedback we got, and my teammate Chris changed it and re-pitched it a couple of minutes later, and we tweaked it again from more feedback. Everyone did much better and had more polished pitches. Some were really convincing that didn’t need much change.

The second half of class was discussing the business pitch presentation template. We went over the template and discussed the importance of each slide and what we need to accomplish in each slide. We have to start this presentation and present some of it next week.

Not much else to say other than grinding out our business plan. Next week’s class should be interesting seeing the different approaches to the template.

Business Launchpad: The Art of the Start

February 4, 2009

The third class was interesting. The first part was spent in discussion of the reading of the textbook The Art of the Start. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you should definitely pick up a copy.

This is Amazon link to purchase it: Click Here.

The book was great read, at least the chapters we had to read for that week (Ch. 1 & 3, in case you were wondering). The first section we discussed was pretty much a call to action, telling us to get off our butts and go do what we want to do. So that was a reality check. We get into this academic analysis-paralysis mentality where we can’t do anything until we think of absolutely every possible issue or problem and their solutions (I include myself in this category). The second section was tips for pitching a business, which was relevant to class and there was some good advice in there as well.

The second part was listening to people present the first 3 slides of the their business pitch presentation. We tweaked our pitch again in front of class and this is by far the most compelling it has been, which is very exciting. Each group also received a lot of feedback for each slide they presented.

Again we are grinding away. More of the presentation is expected to be done next week, so it’s back to grindstone.