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Count Down

February 18, 2009

aunt-carla1Have you ever watched the same movie eight times in a row? This week in Comm II each student pitched on Auntie Carla’s Frozen Artisan Bread Company. Our homework from last week was to take raw information on the Carla’s Bread Co. idea and put it into a 12 slide presentation. Each of us prepared our presentations separately, so there was a little variation in each presentation (Auntie Carla’s gets old fast).  After each student gave their presentation, the others offered a short critique. The Auntie Carla’s presentations were the final countdown, next week we present our own ideas.  The slides that I present are the story of my business idea. The presentation will be an all-inclusive picture of my business model, target market, and financial projections. I have to focus on keeping the enthusiasm of a story in my presentation (when I get nervous, I get uptight). I’m excited to see how my idea will be received; we’ll see how it goes!


Discovery in Verification

February 3, 2009

It’s Communications II’s third week. This week we took an in-depth look at the presentation format. Dr. Connolly showed us how to use preparation of a presentation to form ideas. In order to effectively pitch to investors you can’t get by on a story or arbitrary idea alone. You have to have facts, evidence, and credibility to verify your idea’s feasibility. This may seem obvious, but look at it from a student perspective. When putting together a presentation for class, is the first thing you think “I need to actively research this business idea’s facts”?  Bringing actual data and research to the class requires the student to become involved hands-on business research. The education goes from a class exercise to a business exercise. I have the opportunity in this class to research an idea and present to a business professional for criticism. I get to test the feasibility of my ideas in light of real economic circumstances. For homework we were given data on a fixed business idea. Our assignment is to separate a mass of data and put it in to our presentation format so that the data is clear, and plausible. Next week we get to pitch it to the class. It’s a good warm up, after next week our ideas will be in the spot light.

Testing Ground

February 3, 2009

Its week two of Communications II class for us business freshmen. This week, we really focused on presenting business ideas as a story through a presentation. This class has become my testing ground. All the business ideas that I have are being filtered, so that I can research, present, and test my favorite one. We are taking our ideas through the process of creating a business plan, from researching financial structure to creating marketing approach. My objective is to be comfortable with presenting an idea for criticism by the end of the quarter. This class is a great opportunity to test an idea and find if it will be profitable in the future. This week’s homework is to create an excel spread sheet for a sales projection, profit and loss statement, and a cash flow statement. We get to use a simple template with example numbers, so it’s not that hard. It’s kind of fun to mess with the financial possibilities of an idea.