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Web 2.0…a digital world just waiting to be explored!

July 21, 2009

Well, summer quarter is in full gear and the sophomore students are in on some exciting new classes at JP Catholic. One of them being, Web 2.0, taught by Professor Dominic Iocco.  This is a course unlike any other — we are learning the nuts and bolts of Web 2.0 and how its effecting everything from political campaigns to start-up companies. Throughout the course, we will be developing a new and compelling website for While they have interesting articles, the Catholic website definitely needs a face lift so they can invite in not only older, committed Catholics, but the younger generation and even atheists who are questioning the Faith. Today, first impressions are absolutely pivotal when trying to engage viewers for more than a couple minutes. How does this engagement come about? Surfing the web can be compared to a romance…first, you’ll date different websites and see if there is a connection, an appealing vibe. What draws you in? As you observe the color scheme, pictures, content and even the font, you’ll either continue to come back and “date” the website until you are committed to it and become fully engaged, or break off the relationship after one short “date” that leaves you bored, puzzled, or disinterested.  Unfortunately, there are many websites out today who totally disregard the first impression and never experience a full courtship by a viewer. However, JP Catholic students are learning the groundwork in web 2.0 and are well on their way to developing a dynamic and engaging website  for Talk about hands on…we have full reign on creating a website that will truly have an Impact on the Culture for Christ!


Meet Prof. Dominic Iocco – Part 1

May 14, 2009

Welcome to our new Ask a Professor video series!  We invite you to watch Prof. Iocco’s kickoff video and ask questions in our blog’s comment box.

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