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Meet Prof. Dominic Iocco – Part 1

May 14, 2009

Welcome to our new Ask a Professor video series!  We invite you to watch Prof. Iocco’s kickoff video and ask questions in our blog’s comment box.

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February 17, 2009

Wednesday, February 11 2009 marked a significant day for the business. Junior business students Justin Wilga, Chris Lane, Collin Clark, and I underwent the discernment assessment of whether or not to launch our full-service laundry business with delivery. is a website portal in where people log-on to register a laundry pick-up day – we then pick-up, wash, dry, fold and deliver the customers’ laundry the next day to their front door. On Wednesday, business student Collin Clark and I went around Legacy Apartment complex putting up door-tags in an attempt to directly advertise to potential customers. The door–tag color scheme depicts a clean blue and soft orange with an ad statement that reads “Can’t Do Your Laundry This Week? We Can!” quickly followed with customer instructions on how to receive a free trial valued at $25.

It took roughly a month to complete the door-tags, and by applying marketing skills we learned in class, we felt confident regarding our marketing strategy. Putting up the door-tags was a thrilling experience – taking the next big step in trying to get our business idea off the ground by offering a free-trial offer to determine whether people respond to our full-service laundry business, marked a unique real-world learning experience. That’s one of the unique advantages of going to John Paul the Great Catholic University. At JP Catholic homework assignments are intertwined with launching your business. Unlike other schools where you read off business books, JP Catholic courses are laced with launching your business, so that instead of learning by reading, you learn by doing.

My business team feels confident about our business idea and knows it has huge potential. However, due to the current economic downturn the service business industry is greatly suffering – people are beginning to do things on their own to save money. Nevertheless, we recognize the current economic crisis but are not completely discouraged by it. With the data we collect from running this free-trial offer we will decide whether or not to continue with this business idea or put it on hold, for now.

Built by the skills we learned in our Website Design and Build class, feel free to check out our up and running website:

Passion to Succeed

February 4, 2009

Last week it seemed that every professor was lecturing about passion in some way or another. It apparently woke up a lot of students and forced them take a hard long at their ideas and business models. I would say half the class changed their idea this week. But this is welcomed and encouraged. Our professors have come across a multitude of people throughout the course of their careers who have novel business ideas that they later find are unsustainable, which leads them to abandon not only the idea but also their life as an entrepreneur. The LaunchPad process is the antidote to that problem. It forces students to think of a new idea and pursue it. Students will hopefully go through numerous ideas at JP Catholic. The idea is to get one to stick really well.

This past week, people were going through the fleshing out process much faster than anytime previously. Students were able to go through ideas and make them more concrete within the LaunchPad. The ideas were presented and new directions were given. Although so people are starting over, it’s not really a big deal, as they are more passionate about it, which leads them to plow through the details much faster than before.

The ideas were getting more interesting and more exciting. You can really see the pulse of the LaunchPad growing. People are getting more excited, more intense, and most importantly more passionate.