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Faith and Fantasy?

August 1, 2009

Can dragons, magical rings, fairies, hob goblins, wizards, witches, and trolls have any connection with the Catholic faith? Some may argue that these creatures of a world concocted in our imagination, have no relevance to our lives today. These stories of magical lands are often disregarded as cheesy, childish, and even harmful to society. Yet, taking a more philosophical look at these mythical stories, I find myself enraptured by the Christian meaning and faith intertwined throughout them. It’s easy to create a preachy film today that takes place in a modern day setting with actors talking about having faith and belief in another world. How does one, with no understanding of heaven, hell, or purgatory come to grasp these major Christian themes? Does one just preach to them a sermon with vague references to peace, joy, and love and expect them to have faith? What fantasy has done is approach core Christian beliefs and mysteries in a way that mainstream audiences can grasp and feel emotionally bound to, without having to even mention the name of Jesus. How many times have we felt as if we were really in little houses in the ground, drinking tea amongst short creatures with furry feet? Or on top of a building with a spider-like creature, fighting off an evil green goblin flying on a floating skateboard? We believe in these other worlds because they have become so real to us through the fantastic imagery great filmmakers and writer have created for us. Just as Jesus told stories to illustrate tough, theological issues, so also, brilliant, creative artists, such as J.R.R Tolkien, Lloyd Alexander, and the Brothers Grimm have challenged us to have faith! Through their artistry we have come to believe in an entirely other world and the supernatural creatures who inhabit it. Even as Christians, we often find it difficult to believe in the supernatural kingdom of heaven with Christ, the angels, and saints, as well as, the fiery furnace of hell. Thus, what fantasy has provided for us is the ability to understand these complex issues in a very relatable and compelling form. When we watch and read about superheros, witches, wizards, fairies, and magical lions in this light, our Christian beliefs take on a physical form without being preachy or off putting. Indeed, I believe fantasy can be a great way to bring to audiences the truth of the Gospels in a visually intriguing and approachable way, because God is not of this world, he is beyond our wildest imaginations.


The Intersection of Faith and Business

March 10, 2009

Take a look at this video about JP Catholic’s belief in the crucial role of businesses in building up a Culture of Life and supporting the dignity of the family and the individual worker.  The video was created by Hot Button Productions, a JP Catholic student start-up company that is currently being formed in our Business Launch Pad.

Men’s Night

February 4, 2009

JP Catholic is very unique school, not duplicated anywhere else in world. This unique school attracts unique people with a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is seen in everyone and I would say there is a unity in the student body. They are all driven to become saints. In order to reach that goal, students have come together to help each other in that arduous challenge. The men of JP Catholic get together on Tuesday nights to just be men, Men of God. We eat, pray, talk, listen, share, and goof off “AS MEN.” Sometimes we have spaghetti, talk about community, and try to build community at JP Catholic. Other times we pray then play Ultimate Frisbee for two and half hours. Each night is different, and we don’t care. We are just trying to get to sainthood together. I think it’s great that all the men of JP Catholic have this same purpose, to run the race that St. Paul tells us to run, and that we are running it together.