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The Human Experience

February 28, 2009

At JP Catholic, we often discuss culture and how to impact it. Our mission is to Impact the Culture for Christ, so you can see we are a little obsessed by it. The sophomores and juniors are leaving for Europe in March (actually tomorrow). We are taking a class in Global Cultures and the purpose of the class is to better understand other cultures, especially in comparison with our own. I was reflecting on the culture of Ireland, and the similarities we have with the Irish. I was reminded of a movie that JP Catholic screened called The Human Experience. It was made by Grassroots Films and here is the trailer below:

The Human Experience did an excellent job of highlighting the sameness of the human family. They highlighted different aspects of the human experience through different continents and different cultures, but they showed how they were the same across the human family. The showed the unity of the human family in a very powerful and convincing fashion. The sameness of the human family cannot be discounted. We are all the same, we have brains, toes, thoughts, fingerprints, dreams, ideas, hair, desires, and fears.

As I prepare for our trip to Europe and more importantly Rome, I am overjoyed to share in this experience with our human family. What better place than Rome, the Capital of our Catholic Faith to experience the greater human family. Every race of people will be gathered to celebrate our faith, with Jesus Christ as One Body, one human family.

P.S. If you haven’t seen The Human Experience you should. JP Catholic gets to watch cool movies like that all the time.


A Timeout with the Lord

February 28, 2009

adorat1Recently this week, JP Catholic held another On Mission event. This event again consists of Adoration, Benediction, and Confession along with a guest speaker. These events really sustain the students. I guess this really keeps them “On Mission.” The students are working through a grueling Winter Quarter and the last thing you want to do is skip homework  (we have a lot… the school sort of takes pride in being academically challenging). We are at JP Catholic to Impact Culture for Christ.  This is our mission and everyone knows it. It’s great to have an event that brings our mission back to the forefront of our minds. The mission is the reason why we do our homework to the best of our ability.   It’s why we get up to go to class on Friday morning.  It’s why we do anything that we don’t want to do.

On Mission reminds us that Jesus Christ is Risen and He is King and He Loves us. You think of the million of things you have to do, but you go to the event anyway. I was not looking forward to this On Mission event because I had an insane amount of homework due. But I took a timeout and and spent 2 hours with the Lord in confession, Adoration, and Benediction. I love how He sustains us through the quarter’s challenges no  matter how daunting they seem. I often get frustrated that I even dwell on the thought of not spending time with the Lord, thinking that I need to use my time more efficiently.  Adoration always, no matter my state of mind, brings such renewal . I can’t fathom how I  rationalize skipping it every now and then. The Lord is always there and yet I think he won’t be. I love how we have the Sacraments so available at JP Catholic to help us get through a tough academic quarter (I say tough because Impacting the Culture for Christ is not exactly easy work).