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Student Spirituality Video

March 5, 2009

Take a look at this short video on JP Catholic campus culture produced by one of the students!


An Authentically Catholic Community

February 5, 2009

Written By Tasha Freeman, a sophomore business student

Every time I ask my peers what really called them to come to JP Catholic, the rich Catholic community ranks near the top. What exactly does this mean? Many schools call themselves Catholic, though few authentically strive to live their identity. What is it that attracted us in particular to JP Catholic’s culture? The community we witnessed upon our first visit to JP Catholic was something remarkable. My peers and I saw a student body that was actively working to perfect themselves in Christ. Not only were they a fun and vibrant group, but they tried to actively live their faith through daily Mass, nightly rosaries, daily liturgy of the hours, twice weekly confessions, and weekly Adoration. Many other Catholic schools I saw had these elements, but I was struck at how fervently the students loved their faith and pursued every opportunity to grow in relationship with Christ.

Our desire to grow in relationship with Christ is enriched by our theology classes with Professor Barber, who is committed to being faithful to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. We can take what we learn and grow through discussion with our friends in a forum that is non-threatening because we all share the same love of truth. Being openly Catholic with your friends and roommates is great, because if something is bothering you, you can always talk to them. It’s cool to be in a school where people go to school early just to stop by the Adoration chapel to say a few morning prayers before class. My roommates get up hours early to go and pray in front of an abortion mill, nor is it a big deal for them to fly to San Francisco or DC to attend the annual Walk for Life. I know that the people around me are continually trying to grow in relationship with Christ.

Since I have been at JP Catholic, I’ve learned so much about different ways to worship. I had never been to a Latin Mass or a charismatic prayer group. My Catholic background comes from a slightly more progressive church, but I have learned so much about older beautiful rites such as Maronite rite. All in all the spiritually of JP Catholic is the heartbeat of the student life. Our Catholic identity is undeniable. As we grow and become men and women of the faith, I pray that we can truly be the light of the world.