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Juniors brainstorm business ideas: Launch Pad classes begin

April 23, 2010

What’s happening with the third graduating class at JP Catholic? Well, we are now officially juniors and that means testing ideas for our first quarter of Launch Pad classes. It’s exciting, but strenuous brain work. So many questions to ask before our professors can actually green light an idea. The big thing of course is, “will it work?” One of the greatest parts of the launch pad is that we can fail. Of course, that’s not the attitude we set out for initially, but of course mistakes made now in college will be the best learning tool for when we are actually working in the real world. We can take an idea all the way through to a finished company and spend hours and hours researching, fine tuning, networking, raising funds, etc, and if it all fails, that is hours and hours of learning what not to do and moving forward as a skilled professional. As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed, I’ve only found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Luckily for us, we are working alongside skilled professors every step of the way, who are offering advice on how to elevate our student-run companies to real, competitive, top-notch companies. There’s no room here for a mediocre company selling toothbrushes in a theoretical setting. More than just students, we are now industry professionals — whether that be working on a commercial webisode or building an online store.  Being at the cutting edge of a fast-paced, technologically advanced business industry requires dedication, teamwork, and foresight. What are some of the ideas of JP Catholic’s up and coming companies? Free-lance screenwriters,  production companies, free-lance editors, an Amazon-type company for fine gifts for men, a podcast company for short stories, and a new media online talk show. What will the future bring to these students? Success, we hope. But even if only one student starts up the next greatest company featured in Fortune magazine, the rest will have learned more than a typical business owner does today and will be confident to start their next grand idea.


Where are all the Seniors?

May 20, 2009

An interesting question has been posed by various students around JP Catholic. It sounds a little like this: “Where are all the seniors?” JP Catholic is known as a socially vibrant campus with students interacting all the time. A interesting development has recently occurred, none of the seniors are around hanging out.

Here’s my answer to their question: Provost Dominic Iocco. As the academic provost, he believes that JP Catholic should truly be the Catholic version of Stanford University. He believes this vision and is making sure the students are acting like on it. You see evidence of this in the senior class. JP Catholic seniors have to launch a business while still enrolled full-time in school. We’re working hard studying and pushing our business along through the Launch Pad.  The younger students will find out where we disappeared to once they begin the Launch Pad process.

New Year… New Company!

April 17, 2009

We had our second team meeting of the new year for our launch pad business. It was at this meeting that we finally reached an agreement on the company name. Basically we are a hybrid between a design and marketing company with a specific focus on business presentations. Some of the names we tossed around were Bosco Design, Cupertino Design, and Renew Creative along with many others. After a few, heated discussions, 23 e-mails, and some random polling in the hallways we settled on the name Rhetoric.

While we were able to come to a consenus on the name Rhetoric, we are still discussing the actual company name (i.e. Rhetoric Creative, Creative Rhetoric, Rhetoric etc. etc.). After about an hour of discussions we decided that at this stage in the process there are bigger fish to fry so we tabled the discussion and bought three domain names that we could possibly use with the name Rhetoric.

Senior Launch Pad: 9 Months Till Launch

April 17, 2009

The inaugural class of JP Catholic has  9 months till graduation. That simple fact is both very exciting and scary. We are half way done with the Launch Pad experience. The cool thing is the Launch Pad exists for your use even after you graduate. You still can use the schools resources to launch your company. So the senior class has transitioned from a lecture-workshop based format to an independent study format. We now have gone beyond the space and time of a classroom business. We have to check-in with our adviser every week.  The sole burden rests on our shoulders now. We all have company milestones we commit to and get them approved. Our grade is based on the execution of those milestones. So essentially we are making our own curriculum. We do this through building and operating our own business, which according to most is the best and only way to actually learn business.

To update on some of the businesses: We have a production company focusing on webisodes, another production company focusing on full-length features, a social network that services film students, a design firm focusing on creative marketing and advertising for businesses and non-profits, a production company focusing on cartoons, a youth soccer league, an indie theater with an upscale twist, a production company focusing on hotly-debated political issues, and an online web portal for all things Catholic.

The Intersection of Faith and Business

March 10, 2009

Take a look at this video about JP Catholic’s belief in the crucial role of businesses in building up a Culture of Life and supporting the dignity of the family and the individual worker.  The video was created by Hot Button Productions, a JP Catholic student start-up company that is currently being formed in our Business Launch Pad.