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Creative Thinking

May 18, 2009

ideabulbsThinking outside the box is probably one of the hardest and most rewarding things you can do. I’m taking a marketing class, and as a final project I have to make a marketing plan on my business idea (which I don’t have). For me, this exercise is going to need a ton of creative thinking. I need to think up a way to make money doing or selling something that I’m passionate about. I had an idea last quarter, if you read my posts you’ve heard of it, but I found that its flaws. My idea was to start a German pastry café chain; I wanted to do the same thing Starbucks with coffee, only with the European pastry. The Idea had two huge problems:

1)      Coffee is addictive, pastries are not.

2)      People drink coffee every day, and justify it with antioxidants. People can only eat so many pastries

So, it’s back to the drawing board for me. I’m a big believer in method, if I can find a way to come up with ideas one after another it’s just a matter of time before I find the right one. If you have any ideas on how to come up with ideas, please comment!! Right now I’m going to focus on a market, and find what they want most. Then I’ll just fill the need, but if you have a better way of going about finding ideas, I’d love to hear them!!


This Quarter’s Focus: Action

February 4, 2009

So we finally are entering the final stretch of the Business LaunchPad. We the graduate this December and we have 11 months to get ready. The students are ready. They have the process down. Professor Iocco shifted gears with the class. We now only meet one and one and our homework is to meet the individual needs of each group’s business. Some kids will have to read a book, another will have to do market research, and some will have to start making films. The big word of the quarter is action. We have the presentations down. We just are working on the actual ideas and making them a reality. It is a very exciting time and you can feel the urgency in the air.