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Confessions of a homeschooler

March 16, 2010

I believe going to college is merely an extensions of my homeschooled years. It’s about living and experiencing life, raw and unfiltered. Most of all, it’s about  making decisions. I bet it was challenging for my parents to send me 3,000 + miles to the other side of the country, let alone so close to Hollywood. Yet, my parents were also confident in the education they gave me. They laid the foundation, and I was left to build  upon it. So, I packed my bags and headed west to John Paul the Great Catholic University. Guided by a Christian compass, JP Catholic is carrying on where my parents left off.

As a homeschooler I’ve learned to look at the world objectively and stay informed on current issues and cultural wars. This has called for the internet, movies, TV, and other forms of media — the major influences in our society. My homeschooled years were not about hiding media, but about embracing it.  We can’t ignore our changing world, and must learn to pass on the rose-colored glasses. Movies in our house, whether G or R (and everything in between), were platforms for discussion, debate, or just pure entertainment — an escape from the stress of living. JP Catholic takes an Aristotle approach to media. We explore questions such as, “What does it mean to be human?” Of course, this requires honesty and truth; two ingredients that may stir up fear when we are dealing with stories and the visuals used to communicate them. But, without that leap into the unknown, we will never find an answer to those questions.

Some may find it daunting to move so far from home. This fear conjures up imagery from the Magnificat. If Mary had any fears, they were masked by her confidence in God and His will for her.  We must have the same courage. Yes, it takes sacrifice, even moving 3,000 miles away, but just as there is a need for more vocations, there is a need for artistic missionaries who are eager to enter into the media realm in Hollywood.

Life can be dangerous. Take Jesus’ life, for example. He wasn’t exactly safe or politically correct. He dialogued with others who disagreed with him. He ate and drank with prostitutes and tax collectors. He even died on a cross! Are we called to do the same?

Nevertheless, before Jesus every preached a word to anyone, he entertained. Remember the Wedding Feast at Cana?  I guess that means we too should,”Bring in more wine!”

Without entertainment, no one is going to listen. Certainly, media has the power to corrupt. But, media also has the power to touch upon those moments in life when there is no black and white. Spending all of our time bashing the latest TV show or thinking the internet only leads to pornography achieves nothing. In fact, it makes us ignorant. Ignorant of powerful stories that are shaping our culture — both true and untrue.  We need more talented artists with an itch to share the truth through real, human stories in Hollywood. Coming from a homeschooled family, I believe I’ve been given the tools and foundation to think for myself and compete in this wonderful, but tricky business: Hollywood. I thank my parents for their confidence  in my ability to listen to God’s will and answer it by attending JP Catholic.


New University Overview Video

June 6, 2009

Watch JP Catholic’s new University overview video! Check out our mission to impact culture for Christ through launching 21st century businesses, particularly in the emerging media market space.

What a Day! Our video on TV! (October 2008

February 4, 2009

As most everyone knows, the presidential debates ran on Tuesday night. Sarah’s Law purchased some ad time right before the debates on a little independent station in San Diego. They really liked the Predator ad that we submitted to their video contest, and asked Professor Dunn to make a BetaCam tape to send in to the station. Since they were just in our backyard, my job was to borrow a car and run the tape over to the station first thing in the morning. I was on cloud nine! 2 years ago, I was a boy scout running around in the woods of Missouri; now, I’m delivering one of our projects to a TV station!

When I got back to my desk, I had 3 messages marked VERY URGENT. Apparently, just that morning, they had made a last minute purchase of 3 one-minute segments on the ABC, CBS and Fox channels in San Diego. Each spot cost several thousand dollars, and each station needed a copy of the tape in the next 4 hours. That definitely got the adrenaline flowing. The only beta tape we had at the school was the one I just dropped off, and they don’t exactly sell them at Albertsons. Also, the only digital copy of the video was on Professor Dunn’s portable hard drive that he takes home with him each day. Professor was completely out of the picture because a family member had died, and he was at the funeral up in Orange County. The car that I had borrowed was gone, and the clock was ticking.

This would be the perfect cliffhanger to lead into a commercial break, but since this is a verbal medium, I’ll just tell you the end of the story. What ended up happening was: Dr. Connolly himself drove me around from station to station. We started at the little indie studio, and managed to get our copy of the tape back (they had already loaded it into their system). From there, we took it to the next studio, ran it in, had their editors make a copy of it, and give us the tape back… and then on to the next. That morning, I had been thrilled to see the inside of a tiny independent TV channel. By the end of the day, I had been to the broadcasting citadels of three major conglomerates, and had been on the phone in negotiations with all three of them for a good portion of the day.