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Walk for Life West Coast

February 11, 2009

A couple of days before the Walk for Life, I was sort of struck by the fact that God was going to show up in an interesting and unexpected way. I didn’t know why or how. I just got this feeling of excitement. A rainy Friday morning came and about 25 fellow students gathered in the parking lot for our journey to San Francisco.  It took us seven hours through pounding rain to finally make it there and meet up with our classmates at Little Sisters of the Poor where we were staying. We did a vigil for the unborn and then went to bed exhausted.

We woke up to a full continental breakfast from the Little Sisters of the Poor. The sisters were so giving, hospitable, and full of joy. Their generosity was overwhelming.  After our hearty breakfast, we went to Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption with three California bishops. The Mass was interesting because of the all of the college student groups were there. It was great to see young college students from almost every California college campus gathered to defend Life.

After Mass, we walked two miles through the city to the park that was holding the pre-walk rally. The weather was actually really nice. It was suppose to rain, but it didn’t and the clouds cleared as the day wore on. This rally was teeming with a hope for the Culture of Life. It was great to see so many people supportive of Life. You would see the counter-protest camp and see just feel the hurt and anger. You look at their faces and you see pure sadness. The counter-protesters were yelling for the first maybe 200 yards, but they didn’t want to keep walking with us I guess. There were only a hundred or so counter-protesters so they got quickly frustrated with the 35,000 Pro-Life supporters. The San Francisco Police were in full force and maintained a very peaceful event.   It was great to be able to participate in this important demonstration of faith and see that we are in union with so many people in standing up against our modern holocaust. The walk was evidence that people are not giving up and growing stronger.


JP Catholic sweeps video competition! (October 2008)

February 4, 2009

Sarah’s Law, a pro-life legislative campaign in California, put up cash prizes for a youtube video competition. The results were announced today.

Drumroll please…………

Honorable mention $250:
Patrick Lyon – Holly’s Story
Mollie O’Hare – Bubble Spoof

Second prize $500:
Matt Salisbury – Control Freaks

He put a lot of time into making that one, I’m glad it won. Stop motion is so labor-intensive…

First prize $1,000:
Child Predator by Professor Dunn, featuring the one and only Matt Connors!

This video has now been turned into a banner ad, showing Matt’s face and some of the lines of dialogue. It is also being edited down to 1 minute right now, so that it can start showing on cable TV. They’re buying time slots in the NorCal market first, and if it does well there, it’s “to the moon!”
There was also a third prize awarded and two more honorable mentions, but we don’t know much about them. 4 out of 7 prizes went straight to JP Catholic, though. Not a bad showing for the school, eh? Hehe, and that’s $1,000 more floating around in the student’s pockets. Just for making films. Talk about your economic stimulus. 🙂