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New University Overview Video

June 6, 2009

Watch JP Catholic’s new University overview video! Check out our mission to impact culture for Christ through launching 21st century businesses, particularly in the emerging media market space.


Lake Miramar

March 13, 2009

Lake MiramarOver the past month JP Catholic students have been running at nearby Lake Miramar. From the lake there is an awesome breath-taking view of the San Diego city – awe-inspiring and motivating for a run around the lake. There is something very tranquil about the lake and early morning runs with a group of students are the best way to start the day – after a quick prayer of course. There is complete bliss, the lake water reflects similar to a glass mirror, the Pacific Ocean breeze sprays your face gently, the smooth pavement roads are easy on your feet, and the flora exerts a healthy green – setting the tone for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

The pavement road that hugs the lake is a distant of 4.92 miles with added mile markers for cycling enthusiasts, runners, and walkers. I had run through Lake Miramar trails and was familiar with the surroundings, but I had never run around the entire lake, until this quarter when I did it by accident. A few weeks ago a group of JP Students agreed to meet early morning at the lake for a run. Running to the sound of iPod headphones playing motivational music, I got caught-up in the running experience and got very ahead to where I couldn’t see anyone behind me. I was unaware of the distance I had traveled but had a notion that it would be faster to progress forward and loop around the lake then to go back the way I came. To ensure my theory, I asked a lady walking along the path. She confirmed my supposition and ensured me it would be quicker to keep going then to go back, and I did. I ran the entire lake. When I reached the place where I started, other JP Catholic students asked me about Sophomore Media student Alan LeMire, for they told me he followed behind me during my run. I was a little worried for I didn’t recall seeing him, but my worry quickly left when I saw him running towards us off in the distance. After catching his breath, he told me how he had not gone running in over 2 months and was amazed at his accomplishment – I was too. Running at Lake Miramar is a fun and quick getaway from the city commotion and sharing that thrilling experience with fellow classmates through weekly runs has definitely made good college memories.