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Finding a balance

May 26, 2009

As graduation rears it’s ugly head on the horizon, and we hear it’s threatening call, the business launchpad becomes so much more important on our priority list than in past quarters. Suddenly the various production companies in the Business Launchpad are fighting for the same customers. Work ethics escalate, and things really start getting done. The object on everyone’s mind is money. We need our business to make money…

On the other hand, the senior project is threatening to take a LOT of time. It will be hard to fit business launching in with that. For my senior project, I am making a short film that I hope will be my best film yet. At the same time, we are moving forward with E Media, finding jobs to work on and people who need events filmed.


Senior Project

April 17, 2009

Back home from the Europe trip, and that ‘other’ home that is the Eternal City, some of us find ourselves in our senior year. And you know what that means.

Our senior projects are short films. The idea is we will create something that will be our own personal “calling card”, if you will. A couple students may be doing something a little different, but generally speaking, this is how it will work:

We have three more quarters here. Ten weeks per quarter. This quarter we will do the pre-production (writing and preparing) for our films. Next quarter we will film our projects. And in our final quarter we will edit and market the souls out of them.

This quarter is taught by Professor Nathan Scoggins. Last week we had to come to class with three different concepts for our short films, and pitch them to the class like at a real studio. After discussion, we would help each other choose what project we will be devoting ourselves to for the next 9 months. That is a big decision!

I had two good ideas, and one that was more of a spare tire. The first I pitched was a suspense thriller, Hitchcock style. A murder mystery with a twist ending, about a guy who learns he is going to die, so he fakes his death, and comes back in the guise of a vengeful ghost.

The second idea is the one I am going to work on for my senior project. It is about a guy who can see his guardian angel. (That is all I will divulge this early). When I pitched it, Professor Scoggins loved it right away. In fact, he had so many ideas and suggestions, that he kept interjecting with thoughts of his own as I pitched. He had me pitch it to Chris Riley, our screenwriting professor, as well. He also liked it, and said that the beauty is that it is not strictly tailored to Christian audiences. It has that great spiritual element, but it will reach audiences we would prefer to reach. I also pitched it seperately to Steve Marshall, who was immediately hooked, and wants to produce it.

But if I told you any more right now, I would have to kill you, so I will stop. Suffice it to say we have big plans for this project.

All of the senior projects look very promising, and I have high hopes for all of them. Keep us all in your prayers, because these projects may be what we are known for as we graduate and go make a living somewhere. Within the next two weeks, we have to write them. You can imagine how important prayers are to us now!