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The End of the Beginning

February 20, 2009

before the cameras rollWe are winding down preproduction. That is the good news.

The bad news is that the school location we were going to use dropped us. After a week of stress and heavy-duty producing on Steve’s part, we were able to secure a new location. Tomorrow morning I will be going there with some crewmembers to scout for sound.

Tonight is meeting night. It is when I will call the cast members from out of town, and have a mini script read-through, try giving them a little direction, and get to know each other better. Then I will be meeting with the rest of the crew, and Steve will make sure we are all on the same page. It is also where I get to really start taking charge.

We also got our shooting schedule today. We are filming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8AM to 9PM! (and in between that we will watch the footage and prepare for the next shooting and begin editing).
The marketing for this could be really big. In one week we will know if the film is going to be good enough to bother putting a lot of effort into marketing it. Suffice it to say it could be big!
Further updates later.



February 5, 2009

The production simulation is going ahead full steam. We are maybe a day or two behind schedule, as far as where we want to be in the preproduction phase goes, but nothing too bad.

Last week we had our casting calls. Three people auditioned over YouTube, and they got the parts. One actress is even willing to fly herself out here from Texas, pay all her own expenses, and repeat the process if necessary, even though she knows she will not be paid for this!

But the most interesting casting was for the lead role. The description called for a young man to play the high-school student with the body of a Greek god; the man all the girls want, but who still has the heart of a comic-book nerd. We had offers from several middle-aged men, some stringy gothic fellows, and other… interesting characters. But we had three live auditions last Saturday. After much discussion, watching the recordings again, and weighing the pros and cons, we were at a standstill between two options. Kevin is a student here: he is a great actor, and takes direction really well. But he looks more like a quarterback, or jock type. Josh is a local Abercrombie model. He does have the body of a Greek God, and the wardrobe and face to match his tanned muscles. But he cannot act. Which was more important for this character? We took it to the ‘studio’, who easily chose Kevin. Kevin was enthusiastic, and I believe he will be great in the role.

The next day, I went with the producer and cinematographer to scout out a school location for our film’s high school. We found a great one, and they are letting us film there on weekends. But the cafeteria will not work, so that will have to be somewhere else…

Team 1 started filming today. (We are team 3). I saw their set. It looks very professional. And they seem to have everything well under control.

We need to start jumping the gun a little more…

I have the shot lists almost completed. Steve has finished production boards. All the rewrites are done. We are casted and almost scheduled. When things are finalized with location and schedule, I will start storyboarding and planning with the cinematographer and sound guy. Filming should begin in a week.