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Ultimate Frisbee

May 13, 2010

Are you ready for some serious fun?

Ultimate Frisbee at the park next to the apartments.

When: Thursday, May 13th

Time: Meet in Circle at 4pm.


JP Catholic Sports

April 24, 2009

Last Wednesday marked the kick-off for weekly sports at JP Catholic. We played soccer and with over twenty students on the field, the game quickly took a turn to “bumble bee” soccer. The game was co-ed, making it more enjoyable by being able to play with all classroom peers. With all the homework, reading, and writing college holds, the need to be active in an outdoor setting and play recreational sports is paramount. Sports involve consuming physical exercise making it a great outlet for stress, pressing thoughts, and physical release. At certain times, college can be a little overwhelming –it’s just part of the whole college experience- yet with the aid of a little weekly exercise, the release of engaging in physical exercise can make all the difference. Weekly sports are one of the JP Catholic student life activities that enhance school culture by allowing students to interact and grow in relationships outside the classroom. This coming Wednesday we play again!

Men’s Night

February 4, 2009

JP Catholic is very unique school, not duplicated anywhere else in world. This unique school attracts unique people with a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is seen in everyone and I would say there is a unity in the student body. They are all driven to become saints. In order to reach that goal, students have come together to help each other in that arduous challenge. The men of JP Catholic get together on Tuesday nights to just be men, Men of God. We eat, pray, talk, listen, share, and goof off “AS MEN.” Sometimes we have spaghetti, talk about community, and try to build community at JP Catholic. Other times we pray then play Ultimate Frisbee for two and half hours. Each night is different, and we don’t care. We are just trying to get to sainthood together. I think it’s great that all the men of JP Catholic have this same purpose, to run the race that St. Paul tells us to run, and that we are running it together.