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When in Rome…

February 13, 2009

Just 2 weeks left until we leave for our Study Abroad trip in Ireland and Rome. While I am very excited about leaving soon, I have to keep my mind focused on the tasks at hand as there is much to get done before getting on the plane 2 weeks from now. As the saying goes it is “so close but yet so far.” There are really only 4 things standing between me and St. Peters Basilica:

-10 page art paper on The Punishment on Korah (Sistine Chapel)

-8 minute sales presentation

-Launching a trial business idea

-Finally, a very long plane ride

Given the tasks I have in front of me, it is probably starting to make sense how 2 weeks could feel like an eternity. The one thing that keeps me going is, no matter how hard these last 2 weeks will be, I know it will all be worth it when I kiss the ground in St. Peters square once again.

Chris Lane