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Sophomores prepare to write their first feature film!

September 3, 2009

This quarter with Professor Chris Riley, myself and another 30+ media sophomores have been preparing to write our very own feature script. We started with brainstorming for story ideas and writing down log lines. Second, we sectioned into writing groups, each week giving and receiving input on ideas. Lots of writing, thinking, reworking, and more writing. The creativity process is never more dynamic then in the beginning stages while the story unfolds on computer screens, post-it-notes, on the margins of notebooks, in Adoration, and even in in dreams while dozing during 5 min class breaks. We’ve now come close to the finish line of this quarter, and many of us have an entire feature-length story written up as a beat sheet and completed treatments. Our characters become more and more alive with each new week, as we place conflict in their way and watch them grow, either for better or for worse. Next quarter the actual writing of the feature script begins…but for now, the most important part of script writing, the pre-planning process, is creatively working its course.


Freshman Producing Simulation Project

April 27, 2009

Introduction to Producing for freshman media students is getting off to a dynamic start!

This week, students grouped into teams of two and chose from three stories to research for a producer’s pitch meeting simulation. Several weeks from now, each team will present a 5-7 minute pitch to Professor Chris Riley, who will act as our “agent.” The pitch has to include a director, our main actors, a studio (i.e. Lionsgate, New Line Cinema, etc), and a poster for our movie. Also, as “producers” we will formulate a budget for production and determine which scenes will be used in our trailer. My team has chosen a story called, Prisoner of the Heart, from a podcast on This American Life, a radio station that broadcasts true stories on the lives of ordinary people often in extraordinary circumstances.

This is such an awesome project— experiencing life as a producer in Hollywood!

Let the creativity and planning begin…