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Student Profiles: Peter Steinman

November 17, 2009

Name: Peter Steinman

Age: 20

Year: Sophomore

From: Huntington  Beach, California

Major: Entrepreneurial Business

What’s your favorite class? Definitely, Professors Jackson’s Project Execution. It helps me to realize how much planning and work goes into a single event. I’m working with another business student to put on the Senior Student Appreciation Dinner — which is going on, tomorrow, wow, that’s so soon! I never realized how much stuff can go wrong — I tend to be a guy who likes to plan things out, but have never gone the whole ten yards. This class has helped me to carry everything out in its entirety.

Do you have any hobbies? Going camping on a regular basis and sailing! It’s so great to live in San Diego… within 15 minutes you can be in downtown SD, at a number of fantastic beaches, Legoland, Seaworld, and a bunch of other cool stuff.  On the weekends, sometimes I’ll head out with a group of students to Cardiff Beach to go surfing.

Do you participate in any Student Life? I’m the Chaplin in Student Government, something which I enjoy immensely. I’m also involved in a number of clubs at the school such as the,  The Anime Club and the Business Club. In the Business club we watch “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den”, two commercialized business pitching shows.  Afterward, we always have some great discussions about the young entrepreneurs on the show by trying to figure out both the flaws and positives of their business plan. It’s a really great learning tool for our future jobs.

What is your favorite thing about JP Catholic? The location! Also,  it’s really easy for me to go home since I’m only an hour away.  Another thing great about JP Catholic is the community life. I love being at a small school because of the close friendships and dynamic fellowship which we all share. Lastly, it’s awesome being able to attend mass every day and having the adoration chapel within a few feet from my classroom.

Plans after graduation?
As far as after I graduate,  basically two rough idea have been playing around in my head. The two I’m spearheading currently is a nightclub or a record company. “House” is the name of the night club I’ve been working on. The name is due to the fact that I want to give college students the experience to go to a house party without having to compromise their safety or morals. I love parties, but the party is no longer fun when things get out of hand.


Student Profiles: Timmerie Millington

October 26, 2009

Name: Timmerie MillingtonTimmerie Millington

Age: 17

Year: Freshman

From: Lake Arrowhead, California

Major: Entertainment Media

What’s your favorite class? Poetics and Grammer with Professor Riley because I really enjoy writing. The class gives me a whole new perspective on how speak to my audience in a much more clear and concise way.  Right now we are reading, “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis.

Do you have any hobbies? I absolutely love to dance! I’ve been dancing for about 16 years and enjoy many different kinds of dance –ballet, tap, dance , hip hop, modern, ballroom, and west coast swing. I’m actually going to be starting a hip hop club for any of the students who are interested.

Do you participate in any Student Life? Definitely! I began a pro-life club for students who really want to take action weekly and participate in local pro-life events such as praying at abortion clinics and participating in the  March for life in San Fransisco.

What is your favorite thing about JP Catholic? The spiritual life! I really enjoy being around other people who have a great passion to be closer to God, whether that may be through daily Mass, Adoration, or  praying the Rosary together. We all hold each other accountable and push each other forward in developing a stronger spiritual life. Also, I love the hands on aspect of the school.  Right now, I’m on the marketing team for a webisode series and have been learning all the ways you can utilize Twitter for your business. I also have been involved on quite a few student film projects.

Plans after graduation? Well, I’m still bouncing around some ideas…I may potentially stay here an extra year to do the Masters in Theology Program. One thing I do know for sure, when I graduate I want to do pro-life work by promoting the culture of life through the media.

Student Mystery Dinner Night and Art Show

April 29, 2009

As Vice President of JP Catholic Student Government I’d like share with you news on our most recent student life event…

Last Saturday evening, Student Government hosted the 3rd annual Paul Revere Student Art exhibit. However, this time, a twist was added on to the night—A mystery! Students arrived in character, conversing in Russian, London, and even Georgia accents while wearing everything from flamboyant trench coats to luxurious ball gowns to artsy berets. The host for the night was sophomore, Kevin Kast, also known as Fitzpatick Revere III, who sported a fantastic black wig and a refined looking goatee. Around 9pm the unveiling of the famous Paul Revere Painting was to take place. Yet, to the surprise of the guests, it was “stolen!” Similar to the game “Clue,” students were each given a checklist with the thief’s characteristics. By conversing with other students, they were able to find out whether the thief enjoyed chocolate covered raisins or sailing in the Mediterranean. In the end, the thief was discovered, the painting restored, and a toast held in honor of the winner.

Stay tuned to hear more about our next student life event…Casino Night!

JP Catholic Sports

April 24, 2009

Last Wednesday marked the kick-off for weekly sports at JP Catholic. We played soccer and with over twenty students on the field, the game quickly took a turn to “bumble bee” soccer. The game was co-ed, making it more enjoyable by being able to play with all classroom peers. With all the homework, reading, and writing college holds, the need to be active in an outdoor setting and play recreational sports is paramount. Sports involve consuming physical exercise making it a great outlet for stress, pressing thoughts, and physical release. At certain times, college can be a little overwhelming –it’s just part of the whole college experience- yet with the aid of a little weekly exercise, the release of engaging in physical exercise can make all the difference. Weekly sports are one of the JP Catholic student life activities that enhance school culture by allowing students to interact and grow in relationships outside the classroom. This coming Wednesday we play again!

Mardi Gras Party

March 3, 2009

In light of Mardi Gras on Tuesday February 24 2009, a party was held in one of the student common rooms – The Perch – in where everyone celebrated the arrival of Lenten Season. Junior Business student Collin Clark and Freshman Media student Colleen Monroe prepared delicious mouth-watering food for everyone. The house specialty was shrimp and New Orleans inspired Jambalaya, followed by plenty of grocery-brand soda and of course, chips. Independent of the food, the one aspect I thoroughly enjoyed was the greater sense of community. Since JP Catholic is a relatively small school compared to other universities, the feeling of loneliness is always absent. Unlike other universities where your just a face in the crowd, at JP Catholic people know you by your first name – including professors!

Having strong personal relationships with friends and professors is one of the unique benefits of JP Catholic. Everyone knows you by your first name. It’s uniquely benefiting because it provides a sense of identity and togetherness within the crowd. In addition, the fact that everyone is passionately compelled by their faith-life enables a deeper sense of connection between relationships. In JP Catholic you are not only a student and friend, you are a brother or sister in Christ.

An Authentically Catholic Community

February 5, 2009

Written By Tasha Freeman, a sophomore business student

Every time I ask my peers what really called them to come to JP Catholic, the rich Catholic community ranks near the top. What exactly does this mean? Many schools call themselves Catholic, though few authentically strive to live their identity. What is it that attracted us in particular to JP Catholic’s culture? The community we witnessed upon our first visit to JP Catholic was something remarkable. My peers and I saw a student body that was actively working to perfect themselves in Christ. Not only were they a fun and vibrant group, but they tried to actively live their faith through daily Mass, nightly rosaries, daily liturgy of the hours, twice weekly confessions, and weekly Adoration. Many other Catholic schools I saw had these elements, but I was struck at how fervently the students loved their faith and pursued every opportunity to grow in relationship with Christ.

Our desire to grow in relationship with Christ is enriched by our theology classes with Professor Barber, who is committed to being faithful to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. We can take what we learn and grow through discussion with our friends in a forum that is non-threatening because we all share the same love of truth. Being openly Catholic with your friends and roommates is great, because if something is bothering you, you can always talk to them. It’s cool to be in a school where people go to school early just to stop by the Adoration chapel to say a few morning prayers before class. My roommates get up hours early to go and pray in front of an abortion mill, nor is it a big deal for them to fly to San Francisco or DC to attend the annual Walk for Life. I know that the people around me are continually trying to grow in relationship with Christ.

Since I have been at JP Catholic, I’ve learned so much about different ways to worship. I had never been to a Latin Mass or a charismatic prayer group. My Catholic background comes from a slightly more progressive church, but I have learned so much about older beautiful rites such as Maronite rite. All in all the spiritually of JP Catholic is the heartbeat of the student life. Our Catholic identity is undeniable. As we grow and become men and women of the faith, I pray that we can truly be the light of the world.