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JP Catholic Students on Twitter

May 11, 2009

We decided to use Twitter to show the typical experience of a living and breathing John Paul the Great Catholic University business student.

Feel free to follow our Twitter and see the exciting things we are doing on a daily basis:


Rob Long on New Media

March 3, 2009


Rob Long, the former executive producer of Cheers, came and gave a talk a few weeks ago.  His talk was about the opportunity that exists for young entrepreneurs in the New Media market space.

The media landscape is in a turbulent state of flux. In the old days of mass culture, people would sit and watch TV passively. Producers could count on having an audience at least until the end of a show; in the days before the remote control, the studios’ audience probably wouldn’t even change the channel during the commercials. After the clicker, producers started having to compete for the audience’s attention with other shows on different channels and in the same time slots. Then came TIVO, which give the audience the forbidden fruit, the ability to fast forward through commercials.  The exploding popularity of media delivered over the internet and cell phone devices has even further diminished the power of TV advertising.


The change that is happening right now is a return to the entertainment patterns of the past. Two-hundred years ago people would play games, read, listen to music, chat, or work in the evening.  In the past 60 years,  people sat in a dark room and stared at a screen. Long made the point that our entertainment is turning back to what it has been throughout history. People are chatting over the internet, sharing music, playing video games, reading blogs, and maybe doing some work on the computer. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other New Media bring this change back in entertainment on a massive scale since you can now reach the world in an instant.  Television producers are seeing people interact on these new media platforms while watching TV, or maybe even instead of watching TV. Commercials are less effective because the audience is not engaged in watching the show; they are engaged in a facebook application, YouTube, or some other form of New Media. New Media is a problem for studios, they don’t know how to make money off of it– no one does. The playing field is level because there are no experts and the field is so new. We have the same chance at finding out how to make money on New Media that the studios do. In fact we have an edge because we are the customer! The future of business in entertainment is free game, it is our job to take find a way to make the money. Here at JP Catholic we have the media skill, we have the business knowledge, next year we will have computer science expertise. As we combine our efforts I’m sure we’ll find the answer.